Indonesia Celebrity Ashanty

Indonesia Celebrity Ashanty, Indo Sexy Gambar Seksi Ashanty on photoblog female celebrity Gallery artis picture. Ashanty meet Anand in a year-end event in Bali. Singer song I Want You, You Want SHe was denied any special relationship with Anand. "Candidate's wife? No, perhaps close friends," lid Ashanty.

Artis Celine Evangelista

Show sexy for artis like Celine Evangelista is not new. KUTUKAN SUSTER NGESOT film star was admitted likes to look sexy. But once again he insisted sexy not vulgar. Every woman, according to a girl born in Italy, 2 April 1992, always pingin look sexy.

Nia Ramadhani Photos from Indonesian | Artis Nia Ramadhani

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Artis Nia Ramadhani Artis Nia Ramadhani Artis Nia Ramadhani

Celebs Photos Ratna Galih Primakusuma | Indonesian Artis Ratna Galih

Celebs Photos Ratna Galih (born in Yogyakarta, 19 Januari 1982) Indonesian Actress Girl. Her name "Ratna Galih" from character in a story film adolescent very popular on 1970-an in Indonesia, Gita Cinta from SMA. She have hobby swimming and movie and high165 cm. Ever university lecture Japan literature, Universityof Gajah Mada, Jogjakarta.

Celebs Photos Ratna Galih Celebs Photos Ratna Galih Celebs Photos Ratna Galih

Photo Celebs Cynthiara Alona

Cynthiara Alona was born July 7, 1985 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Cynthiara Alona is a top popular Indonesian beautiful model with beautiful Asian and charming face, hot and sexy model, Indonesian actress, hot and sexy actress, Indonesian Master of Ceremonies (MC), Indonesian Disc jockey (DJ), Indonesian celebrity, hot and sexy celebrity, Indonesian beautiful women